Sacred Melody is a 

Family owned hidden gem of inspiration in Eastwood.

From the moment you walk in and feel the warmth of soft lights, encouraging music, and friendly faces, you will feel at home. For all those special moments in your life when you need the right gift, from baby baptisms, communions, confirmations, weddings and anniversaries, to birthdays and hospital visits, you will find something that will inspire and give courage. We will help you find the right gift and will help you with the card and the packaging to walk out ready to go. From inspiring décor & Willowtree angels to laser engraved gifts, personalized on the spot, you will know that your gift is sure to bring a joyful smile.

Our little shop has been through many changes over the years.

Gramma Charlotte & Grampa Wes opened Sacred Melody in 1957 on Salina Street selling Bibles, books, and records. At a bus stop nearby, people could hear Christian music playing from the store. They grew in their vision to be a gathering place for the Christian community. Their son John Skinner came on board and in the 1980’s  they moved to the current plaza and built a Noah’s ark in the store. Many grown up kids still have memories of playing in the ark! John’s son’s, John Jr & Stephen, grew up learning and helping in the family business. Their wives Kim and Katrina joined the team in 1999. As the family grew and changed, Stephen worked to renew the vision to be a gathering place for a new generation of their community.

In 2004 Stephen built and recruited Café Kubal for the plaza and moved the store from the anchor space to its current location where people could enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee while they shop. He added other spaces to the plaza to make a great local community experience.  Stephen’s community vision soon grew to include all of Eastwood and he began other businesses to help stabilize and connect the community while their little family grew. As Stephen stepped away and John Sr retired, Katrina stepped up to continue the store’s vision and added the laser engraver to meet the special needs of customers while they shop.  As the faith community’s needs changed, the focus shifted to become a beautiful peaceful shopping experience for our local community where faith can intersect with the gifting moments of life.

When you need a moment for yourself,

...grab a Kubal coffee from next door and browse our gifts, or peruse the bookshelves to fill your soul with courage. Let our friendly team help you find just the right Bible to learn more about our friend Jesus. We can even imprint your name on the cover to make it truly yours! We exist to be a light to our world in all the big and small moments in your life that need remembering.

Here, Customers are like family...

and often you will find our staff catching up and asking how our customers are doing and knowing just what they are looking for. Yet Our greatest success is bringing peace and joy to our community and helping to show our world a love that can bring us together and fill our lives with hope.  



Our Team:

Iting Trout - Graphic Designer

Michelle Gossner - Home Staging & Buyer