You Are Stronger Than You Think

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Words are like seeds. When we speak them out loud, they take root and begin to grow. Our words have incredible creative power. They are like seeds, taking root and flourishing when we speak them out loud. And, eventually, what we say transforms our lives. In The Miracle in Your Mouth, Joel Osteen expands on his powerful message of aligning your words with what's in your heart--and what God says about you-to release miracles that are meant for you. Believing in positive change is one thing; speaking it to life is another. Your dreams and aspirations-the ones God has purposefully put in your path--may seem unlikely or even impossible. During times when it feels like you can't catch a break, or situations where you give it all you've got but still can't turn things around, God is asking you to stay true to yourself and speak your victories out loud. Even when defeat feels inevitable, you must speak as if you've already won. To help you live your most victorious life, Joel Osteen shares cherished Scripture and personal insight into the power of speaking out in faith, noting special moments when God did the unexpected and inexplicable in his own life. Stay inspired on your journey, as you talk yourself into prosperity, opportunity, and healing. The miracle is in your mouth!