.What Are We Waiting For

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for KING & COUNTRY (Joel and Luke Smallbone) know how to spin a cocoon of sound that envelopes the listener, lace words of hope and truth, and use their voices to lift and inspire. For for KING & COUNTRY, the quadruple Grammy award-winning progressive pop artist-songwriters, what music can do--as a force in people's lives, but also an ever-bending medium that contains emotion--is what drives the Sydney, Australia-born Nashville-based duo. Their fourth studio project What Are We Waiting For?, asks a pivotal question in a post-pandemic world. Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone provide the answer across 13 original tracks that confront relevant issues and confirm the duo's commitment to community, diversity, and family. 1. RELATE 2. Broken Halos 3. Love Me Like I Am 4. Unity (feat. Dante Bowe) 5. For God Is With Us 6. Hold On Pain Ends 7. Unsung Hero 8. Harmony (feat. Sleeping At Last) 9. Shy 10. TOGETHER (feat. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly) 11. Seasons 12. Cheering You On 13. Benediction