Way of A Father

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"Grammy Award winner Michael W. Smith's The Way of the Father offers a deeply personal reflection on his father Paul Smith's legacy and its profound effect on every area of his life. Through the life and lens of his earthly dad, the multi-platinum selling Christian artist gives glimpses of a Father in Heaven that anyone can approach and experience. Each chapter identifies a quality and characteristic of his dad that came out of an obedient and sacrificial life, committed to serving his Abba Father, including: Finding truth in tragedy Loving unconditionally Persevering through pain Bringing righteousness to the world Influencing and inspiring generations Discovering identity and approval in Christ Michael shares how his dad inspired and encouraged him using biblical principles and virtues. He hopes that by sharing his father's legacy, readers will come to find that no matter who our earthly parents have been in our lives, our Abba Father will never fail us.