Tr-How Christmas Can Change Your Life

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How Christmas Can Change Your Life 25-pack This tract shows how Christmas is more than just a holiday. In light of the truth of the gospel, it can be truly life changing! Partiall Text Sweet and mild, gentle and easygoing�what is there not to like about �Baby Jesus�? On the other hand, what sort of difference can Baby Jesus really make in your life? And why should you care about him in particular? At Christmastime people are more aware of the difficulties in their lives, yet they have a feeling that everyone else�s life is perfect. Because of that, Christmas is bittersweet. The truth is that Christmas is not a message about how to prosper financially, or have emotional happiness, or �live the dream.� Christmas is a message about how all of us can find help from Jesus to handle our problems and live in a way that honors God and is eternally satisfying. There�s More to Jesus Than Just �Baby Jesus�