The Bible Explainer

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By: Michael E. Wittmer When you need help understanding God�s Word, turn to The Bible Explainer� answering 250 who, what, when, where, and why questions about the world�s best-selling book. People, places, things, and ideas are covered, from Genesis through Revelation, with insight, intrigue, and a dash of humor. Questions and answers are presented in logical order, from larger, more general issues (for example, "What is the Bible?") through the more specific (such as "Was Jesus a pacifist?" and "What is the significance of 666?"). Bible Explainer tackles the tough ones, too�like How could God "regret" making humans? Did God command Israel to commit genocide? Why do Christians follow the Old Testament�s teaching on homosexuality but not its commands about eating bacon and shrimp? The Bible Explainer acknowledges the variety of viewpoints in the larger Christian world while taking a conservative historical approach itself. It�s a fascinating read that will enhance your appreciation of scripture�plus, it�s illustrated in full color!