Swimming For Freedom

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Tera Bradham was born to prove people wrong. The fastest swimmer in the United States by age ten, �Tera the Terror� was destined for the Olympics. Her fiercely competitive spirit and unmatched intensity knew no limits until Tera suffered a devastating injury to her shoulder, threatening her very identity. Although she trusted in God for her salvation, she trusted her own ability for her success and endured years of misdiagnoses, chronic pain, failed treatments, near-death experiences, profound loneliness, and crippling disappointment. Tera�s injury forced her to fully surrender to God, and she begged him to heal her or bring her home. Then her miracle came, or so she thought. Her shoulder was successfully reconstructed, and after two more years of grueling recovery and training, Tera once again defied all expectations. Swimming for Freedom details Tera�s comeback and shows that through God, all things are possible. What started as an Olympic dream ended in her true miracle: the freedom of a life in Christ. Tera�s story will inspire you to rise up, dream again, and fight for his calling on your life.