.State of the Union

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'State of The Union� is the third solo album from GRAMMY Award winning singer/songwriter Amanda Cook. The deeply personal project explores the relationships we carry around in our hearts with God, with the world, with each other and with ourselves. This exploration happens over beds of intricate synth sounds, worshipful melodies, and deep lyrics, bringing Amanda�s inner-most thoughts from her heart straight to the heart of our Creator. �State Of The Union� includes the breakout tracks �While We Wait�, �Miracle Of The Mind� and �Where The War Ends�, in addition to the brand new songs �Our Jesus�, �Edens�, and more! TRACK LISTING: 1. State of The Union 2. Hell or High Water 3. Miracle of the Mind 4. Light on the Mountain 5. Honestly 6. Our Jesus 7. Time 8. Where the War Ends 9. All That I�ve Ever Wanted 10. Edens 11. While I Wait