So How Do I Parent This Child

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Parents don't determine who their kids become. They steward them into who they're meant to be. A common myth in parenting books says that parents determine how their children turn out. Proper input yields proper output, or so the thinking goes. But that mindset works with machinery, not people. The truth is, your child has a unique set of traits--their giftedness--that only they possess. The parent's job isn't to crank out a product, but to point an individual human being toward a healthy, flourishing life. Brother and sister duo Bill Hendricks and Bev Hendricks Godby team up to help you understand the difference between producing a product and parenting a person. They take you through all the stages of child rearing--from diapers to driver's licenses to diplomas--to show you how identifying giftedness and helping your children discover it for themselves makes all the difference.