Say So!

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Everyone has heard, "Watch your mouth, there's life and death in there!" Well, what I've learned over the years about my own mouth, and the words that have fallen from it, was worth the effort put into this book to share with well-meaning church folks that shaped my life. The very ones that were faithful church-goers and God servers were the same ones that were defeated by their own injurious words. Maturity, time and a re-look into the Bible taught me otherwise. Say So! isn't a new subject by far. Instead, it's a life-saving subject whose time has come for a remix to remind the traditionalist "saints" what harm we've caused and that it's not too late to replace that rudder of ours. Enough already with jumping around the church and saying, Amen. Let's put Love in our mouths and say I'm sorry Lord for unwittingly ignoring Your instructions and weakening Your promises with self-confessions that don't match Your words for our lives. The author invites you to lay down your tongue at the altar and pick up a brand new 'Say So!' for your life no matter how young or old, experienced or otherwise. Life changes when your mouth does.