Sarah Anointing

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FROM BEST-SELLING AUTHOR MICHELLE MCCLAIN-WALTERS When your faith fails, God prevails. This book will teach you how to live out your nature as an active participant in God�s vision. Sarah was a loyal wife who followed her husband, Abraham, when God spoke to him. Even when Abraham made mistakes, she still called him �lord.� She is an example of a woman with a submitted spirit who responded biblically to her husband without losing her identity. Sarah was an active participant in God�s vision�perhaps too active, as she ran ahead of God and tried to fulfill His covenant in her own timing. She also laughed at the possibility of a miracle. But when God changed Sarah�s name, He changed her nature. The name change linked her to Abraham in co-rulership, including her in God�s covenant promise, which was fulfilled by the couple�s working together. Sarah�s example shows us that God has included women in His purposes and plans throughout history and will include them in the next great awakening. Her life is a positive lesson in faith that breaks personal limitations.