Motherhood Without All the Rules

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Motherhood Without All the Rules: Trading Stressful Standards for Gospel Truths By: Maggie Combs MOODY PUBLISHERS / 2020 / PAPERBACK Ditch Pressure for Freedom in Christ Any mom who has tried to create a godly home for her family knows it doesn�t happen automatically. Through books, blogs, and Instagram accounts, culture asserts that good moms must follow certain standards and abide by certain rules if she want what�s best for her children. She must do everything she can�and she must do it all just right. Following the suggested steps and recommended rules may seem best, but what if we�re missing the point? This is something Maggie Combs came to realize while seeking to be a good mom to her three sons. Though the world around us may have critical expectations and rules for mothering, Christ instead calls moms to an intimate, abiding relationship with a triune God. In Motherhood Without All the Rules, Maggie identifies the main "rules" moms today often feel pressured to follow and counters them with gospel truth. You�ll discover how the character of each member of the trinity practically impacts your role as a mom. Join Maggie in forgetting the rules, so that instead of being a good mom, you grow to become a holy mom.