Living Profoundly

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What hill do you want to die on? Do you believe your current actions are the reason for your existence here on earth, or do you believe God had something more in mind when He created you? Living Profoundly is a thought-provoking call to intentionally leverage your life to increase the duration of it's magnitude and impact. The narrative will walk you through the intended journey of man from birth to death and explain exactly how to maximize the life God has blessed you with. It has been written to: Ease your mind with long awaited answers to life's most pressing questions Equip you with a winning game plan for your future Empower you with practical strategies to build a transcendent legacy You are only one simple shift in focus away from starting the construction of a masterpiece. God already has a master plan for your life, and it's waiting to be seized. Don't go to the grave without realizing His powerful plans for you. This would be an irrevocable mistake. Instead, join me on the crusade to overcome mediocrity and discover the profoundness of Jesus that awaits us all. Jason Bryant is a Christian author with over a decade of senior leadership experience for the world's largest retailer, and fortune #1 company, Walmart. Starting in the company's lowest entry level position, Jason quickly climbed the corporate ranks into a thriving and influential career. He has learned many useful lessons on building something memorable from the ground up, in business and life. He has now made it his mission to share the wisdom he has gained. Jason resides in the small town of Mexico, NY with his wife of eight years and their three children.