.Jesus People

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Jesus People is a record that speaks to and welcomes ALL people. The album features previously released songs and includes collaborations with Christine D�Clario, Koryn Hawthorne and Angie Rose. Jesus was a figure with a longstanding voice throughout history who brought the broken and hurting together, offering hope to those who had lost their way. That is the goal for this album; stripping everything away and reminding people of the unconditional love and truth that unites us. 1. Make A Difference (Radio Version) 2. He Believes In You 3. Truth Is 4. Agradecido 5. Do For Love (feat. Angie Rose) 6. All Are Welcome 7. Jesus People 8. We All Need Jesus (feat. Koryn Hawthorne) 9. Peace 10. Stand In Faith 11. Stay Strong 12. Cristo Es Necesario (feat. Christine D'Clario)