Habit Called Faith

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Can faith become a habit? Can habits lead to faith? Habit is at the center of human behavior; we are what we do. When we want to add something to our life, whether it's exercise, prayer, or just getting up earlier in the morning, we know that we must turn an activity into a habit through repetition or it just won't stick. What would happen if we applied the same kind of daily dedication to faith? With vulnerable storytelling and insightful readings of both Old and New Testament passages, Jen Pollock Michel invites you into a forty-day Bible reading experience. Vividly translating ancient truths for a secular age, Michel highlights how the biblical text invites us to see, know, live, love, and obey. The daily reflection questions and weekly discussion guides invite both individuals and groups, believers and doubters alike, to explore how faith, even faith as small as a mustard seed, might grow into a life-defining habit. "Deep and relatable. Spending forty days in Scripture along with A Habit Called Faith could be one of the best things you do this year. Jen is one of the greatest writers of our generation!"--Jennie Allen, New York Times bestselling author of Get Out of Your Head, founder and visionary of IF:Gathering "No matter your faith journey, you are welcome here within these pages. Jen warmly invites readers into a forty-day experience that will forever change the root of the readers' faith."--Rebekah Lyons, bestselling author of Rhythms of Renewal and You are Free