God Is A Grunt

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If Jesus is God, then God is a grunt; the humble, hardy folk at the bottom of the social hierarchy that everyone relies on to accomplish the dirtiest, most difficult, and most thankless work. That God is a grunt is good news for millions of Christian soldiers and veterans in America. There is no perceivable middle ground between patriot and pacifist, and thoughtful Christians in the military have felt torn between dehumanizing theologies that have created a discipleship vacuum. In his new book, God is a Grunt, Logan Isaac writes a well-researched, meditative guide for Christian soldiers returning from war. He delves deep into the Bible and his own beliefs to give guidance to these soldiers, writing about the experience of taking a life, serving your country, and moving on from the life-changing experience of battle. He attempts to fill the void Christians in the military have felt by providing theological resources to discern a better way of discipleship for GIs, while affirming the nuance and complexity of armed service and the gifts GIs offer the whole body of living Christians in the world.