Exploring Green in the Cuse

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by Paul Pflanz Sponsored by the Syracuse Parks Conservancy and Onondaga Park Association, this book is a celebration of Syracuse's 71 city parks. It features color pictures and text and profiles large parks that everyone has heard of as well as the smaller, lesser known parks. It features a history (when available) of the acquisition, creation and development of the parks as well as some often humorous but always curious stories associated with the parks. Like the "Parrot Boy" statue in DeMong Park (ever heard of that one?) that so offended neighbors that they often clothed or painted it until it was removed to prevent destruction. It now resides in the Burnet Park Zoo storage area. Or maybe the LeMoyne Fountain? Clue: it's not on the campus. Or the story behind the magnificent stone work in Elmwood Park, which is often erroneously attributed to the WPA or the CCC. It was actually done by the NYS Temporary Emergency Relief Agency (TERA) set up by newly-elected New York Gov. Franklin Roosevelt and served as a prototype for the WPA when he became President Roosevelt. Each park description also details features and amenities available in the park. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this book are given to Syracuse Parks Conservancy for their work in our City Parks.