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Donnie McClurkin, winner of multiple GRAMMY� Awards, is one of the most honored voices in modern Gospel music. His soaring tenor voice has soothed souls and uplifted spirits for decades through chart-topping hits such as Stand, We Fall Down, The Prayer, I Need You, and many others. His music has touched the Urban, Christian Contemporary, and Gospel scenes, extending his talent to even wider audiences. Now, McClurkin returns with new music and a new sound. Donnie McClurkin has traveled the world, singing in various countries and multiple languages, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide. In his global experience, he has witnessed cultural divides that can segment the body of Christ rather than connect it. As he's seen this more and more, he has felt a burden to be a catalyst to affect change. McClurkin describes his new music as a God-inspired global sound that defies geographical boundaries, filled with universally applicable lyrics and cadences, intended to foster a world-wide worship movement. He believes the Holy Spirit gave him the inspiration for this new sound and commissioned him to serve as a kingdom ambassador to and for all the world. Tracks 1. I Will Call Upon the Lord 2. Worship Medley 3. Pour My Praise on You 4. Every Tribe 5. There Is No Question 6. There Is God 7. Let It Go 8. His Ways 9. Not Yet 10. All to the Glory of God 11. I Won't Complain