Defining Verse

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�Scripture frequently sums up a man�s life in a single sentence.� � Charles Spurgeon Inspired by the great preacher Charles Spurgeon, Warren Wiersbe launched a personal study of the lives of prominent Bible characters. Interested in more than biographical facts, Wiersbe sought out the themes of each person�s life as reflected in the pages of Scripture. How does the Bible summarize this person�s life? What is the key to understanding his or her character? How do I see my own life reflected in the life of this person? The Defining Verse takes you into the lives of sixty-three Biblical men and women who encountered an extraordinary God. For each, Wiersbe identifies a Scripture verse that sums up that individual�s life and then reflects on the lessons to be learned, both positive and negative. Now including a personal study for personal self-reflection, you will not only be challenged by these examples, you will be stimulated to consider what your �life sentence� will be. Previously released under the title Life Sentences.