Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling

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With a remarkable group of almost 40 respected contributors, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling equips God�s people to understand how to change lives with Christ's unchanging truth. This book increases people's confidence in the sufficiency and relevancy of God's Word to address real-life issues in any counseling situation. Master the essentials of effective biblical counseling Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling is a comprehensive resource that will help you understand how to minister from God's truth to change lives. With the cumulative wisdom of almost 40 contributors with exceptional credentials and experience, you'll discover a valuable model for counseling that explains� The Why of Biblical Counseling Why the Bible is sufficient and relevant for addressing every issue we face Why biblical counseling is so effective in helping people face life's struggles in Christ's strength The How of Biblical Counseling How you can lead struggling, hurting people to the hope and strength available only in Christ How to counsel in a way that is Christ-centered and God-glorifying