Brave Face

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The inspirational story of an American woman who moved mountains to secure medical treatments�and eventually a home�for a young Iraqi girl severely burned in a roadside terror attack. This is a story of the astonishing power of self-sacrificial love. On a typical Sunday morning in 2006, Barbara Marlowe saw a photo that changed her life: a photo of four-year-old Teeba Furat Fadhil, whose face, head, and hands had been severely burned during a roadside bombing in the Diyala Province of Iraq. Teeba�s eyes captivated Barbara, and she yearned to help this child who had already endured more pain and suffering than anyone should bear. Because surgeons were fleeing the war-torn country, Teeba would be unable to receive much-needed treatments if she stayed in Iraq. With powerful faith and determination, Barbara overcame obstacle after obstacle to bring Teeba from Iraq to the United States for medical treatments. A Brave Face explores the connection forged between Barbara and Teeba�s Iraqi mother Dunia over the past decade�a deep bond between two mothers that has flourished despite the distance, the strife of war, and the horrors of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. With chapters written by Teeba, now a young woman, and Dunia, the three women recount the story of courage and sacrifice that bound them together. A Brave Face contains the messages that: Tremendous trust can cross borders and war zones Tragedies can turn into miracles Love can be found in the most unexpected of places In the end, this is a story of hope. A story of building bridges. A story of the always astonishing power of self-sacrificial love