As Fast As Her

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As Fast as Her is the inspiring memoir for teens of hockey star Kendall Coyne, who led the US Women�s Hockey team to Olympic gold and was the first female hockey player to compete at the fastest skater competition at the NHL All-Star weekend. In this inspiring book, US Olympian and hockey star Kendall Coyne shares the grit and determination it took to break down barriers and achieve her dreams against tremendous odds, encouraging young people to follow their passions and never give up. The world told Kendall Coyne to slow down. They said �not so fast� when she picked up hockey skates instead of figure skates. They said �just a minute� when she tried out for the boy's team. They told her �you're not enough� so often that she started to believe it. But Kendall had a passion and a dream, so instead of slowing down, she sped up, going on to win Olympic gold and a spot in the Fastest Skater Competition at the 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend. As Fast as Her explores how Kendall held on to her dream, overcame her insecurities and naysayers, and pushed herself past barriers to achieve her goals�and how you can too! Inside, Kendall shares: stories that illustrate the lessons she's learned and how to apply them for success encouragement to help young people know they are good enough�to fit in, to find their �why,� and to create lasting change for others her personal trials and triumphs, inspiring readers to discover what excites and exhausts them�and help them to be as relentless in achieving their own goals behind-the-scenes and personal photos in a full-color 8-page insert In addition, As Fast as Her is perfect for: readers 13 and up looking for an uplifting true story fans of the NHL, Olympic hockey, women's sports, and sports overall birthday, Christmas, and holiday gifts for teens and young adults