.Are We There Yet

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Are We There Yet? is the new release from Hillsong UNITED. "The album embodies the feeling of `all this future.' It is heavily entrenched in realizing, re-ideating, and repositioning heaven. We have the gift of joy that is heaven no matter what your human experience is now (whether you're experiencing grief or having the best life ever). The journey of the album is set between the sun setting and rising. What you're leaving behind and what you're about to step into." - Joel Houston. 1. Days Like These (Trust U) 2. All This Future 3. Deeper Water 4. Show Me Your Heart 5. On Repeat 6. Delightful (The Sower Never Wastes a Tear) 7. God Song 8. Have Mercy on Me Now 9. Blown Away 10. What Love Is (Because You Died) 11. Know You Will 12. Sure Thing 13. Not Afraid 14. Mmxxii (Interlude) 15. Chariot