All the Feels For Teens

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No one knows more about living with all the feels than teenage girls. They can flit from giddy to anxious to insecure to in love�oops, wait, just kidding, out of love�to chill to stressed to ecstatic to despairing to rebellious to penitent to cynical to na�ve to independent to clingy to selfish to selfless, all with a heaping side order of angst and adorkability, all in a span of hours . . . sometimes minutes. In other words: all the feels all the time. Yep, no one knows about having all the feels quite like teenage girls�but few girls know what to do with all those feelings. Christian teens need Bible-based help to show them that it�s okay to feel deeply (after all, God himself is the Author of all feelings), but each of us must learn to train our emotions in the ways of Christ. As they learn how to deal with all the feels, girls need scriptural foundations, practical strategies, and the assurance that they are not weird�and never alone.