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Live with Hope Amidst Upheaval and Uncertainty Right now, you�re living in an era defined by global pandemics, natural disasters, political strife, and ever-shifting morality. Though at times you may feel tempted to question God�s presence or goodness, these events actually signal that His promises will soon be fulfilled. In Aftershocks, bestselling author Jeff Kinley reveals how current societal and global trends fit into Bible prophecy and foreshadow the nearness of the end times�and how those prophecies can renew your passion to live wisely as you proclaim Christ to a suffering world. You will learn how� recent events point to what the Bible says about the last daysthe Bible gives you reason to hope even in uncertain, fearful timesChristians can respond to crises in ways that demonstrate Jesus� love for humankind Even in an age of fear and rapid change, you can be confident that nothing is outside of God�s plan. Aftershocks will help you understand what�s happening in this chaotic world while inspiring/motivating you to live confidently as a witness for Christ.