6 Ways To Keep The "Little" In Your Girl

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This timely resource equips you to counter our culture's harmful messaging to girls with positive, biblical guidelines that allow your daughter to grow up the way God intended her to--happy and healthy. Keeping your daughter from growing up too soon is every Christian parent's battle. Dannah Gresh, founder of True Girl, shares six proactive ways you can win the fight for your daughter's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Give Her the Right Toys to Play With Learn how to select dolls and other toys that encourage creative play and spark imagination. Celebrate Her Body by Punctuating Her Period Teach her to see her body and its function as a beautiful reflection of God's creation. Unplug Her from a Plugged-In World Protect her mental sobriety by setting reasonable limits on screen time and monitoring online activity. Unbrand Her When the World Tries to Buy and Sell Her Show her how to pursue inner beauty and reclaim the biblical value of contentment. Become the Carpool Queen and Sleepover Diva Help her form healthy friendships by staying actively involved in who she chooses to spend time with. Dream with Her About God's Future for Her Plant and nurture a heart of purity in your daughter by promoting God's design for relationships and intimacy. Keep the "little" in your girl and prepare her for a big future with God.