Since 1957, Sacred Melody has been fostering a community where people can relax and feel at home in a shop surrounded by inspirational gifts and books that help people express their faith.

Our Mission

To share goods that inspire us in a creative, peaceful setting, with a team ready to help you find the perfect book or gift. 

There was something about the years of life poured into this place... the gathering of wonderful people from all walks of life..., the connections between people are simply beautiful and God inspiring.
— Katrina, Owner Of Sacred Melody

Come to Sacred melody for:

  • Gifts for Weddings, Baptisms, Birthdays, Bereavement and Just Because
  • a Peaceful moment to browse while enjoying a cup of coffee from Cafe Kubal
  • The Newest Christian Releases and Bestselling Books
  • Your favorite collectibles: Willowtree, Pavilion Angels, 
  • Personalized gifts for memorable occasions and for small thanks
  • Catholic Gifts -Crucifixes, Medals, St Joseph Statues, First Communion and Confirmation
  • Home decor - Wall Art, Candles, Kitchenware